1963 Nobel Prize auctions for almost $800,000

A 1963 photo of Alan Lloyd Hodgkin
A 1963 photo of Alan Lloyd Hodgkin

Yet another Nobel Prize has gone under the gavel.

Dr. Alan Hodgkin's 1963 Nobel Prize sold for $795,614 by Nate D. Sanders Auctions on Thursday. The award, which Hodgkin received for his work on the central nervous system, is one of only 13 to go to auction.

Hodgkin and colleague A.F. Huxley used nerve cells from a giant squid to study electrical impulses at a cellular level and ultimately, greatly impacted modern neurology.

The Nobel Prize is made of 23 karat gold and sold with a letter of authenticity from Hodgkin's daughter.

Several other Nobel Prizes have been auctioned in the last year. Physicist Leon Lenderman's award sold for $765,000 in May and Biologists James Watson's award sold for a record $4.8 million in December.