Mark Cuban donates $30,000 to charity for swearing during interview

Cuban pays $30k for swearing

One word cost Mark Cuban $30,000 during a celebrity "League of Legends" match at the Intel Extreme Masters in San Jose on Saturday.

The billionaire took on Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in a team match of the popular online video game benefiting CyberSmile, an anti-cyber-bullying charity.

The Dallas Mavericks owner dropped the f-bomb during an interview which resulted in the first $15,000 "fine" paid to CyberSmile.

"So if I say it again I have to pay another $15K?" Cuban joked during his post-game interview. (Warning: Video NSFW) When asked if he wanted to up his donation to $30,000, he dropped another expensive expletive with a smile.

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The charity raised an additional $38,000 from the event.

This isn't Cuban's first foray into the eSports market. The entrepreneur invested $7 million in Unikrn, a Seattle start up that offers legal betting on competitive video game tournaments, according to Fortune.

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"Look, I'm a noob. I'm still getting into it, but I love it," Cuban said during the Intel Extreme Masters. "It's like playing five-dimensional chess against the world. It's like one of the smartest games I've ever played. You've got to have dexterity. You've got to be quick. This is a real sport and people are going to figure it out real quick."

However, it is unclear if Cuban plans on further investing in this marketplace. When asked, he said, "You're just going to have to stay tuned."