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8 Greek innovators defying the odds

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Start-ups emerging from a sinking economy

Perhaps one of the only good things to come out of Greece's economic crisis is a slow but steady increase in the number of start-ups emerging in the high-tech sector. Since the crisis began in 2007, there have been about 600 start-ups created in a wide range of industries — from mobile apps and on-demand taxi travel to gaming and medical technology, according to Endeavor Greece.

Surprisingly, the country's default and collapse of the banking system this year did not stop tenacious innovators from launching businesses against poor odds. The good news is that there is an emerging ecosystem of incubators, venture investors and university entrepreneurship programs — as well as big tech firms including Microsoft — that offer training and a support system sorely needed. Here's a look at a new crop of Greek start-ups gaining attention from international investors and market-watchers.

— By Lori Ioannou, senior editor,
Posted 10 December 2015

Marios Polyzogopoulos | CNBC