Lightning Round: Don't touch this yet

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Groupon: "No, it's way too early to buy Groupon. You don't want to touch that thing yet."

EPR Properties: "I like it. Especially since they've got the casino angle, 6.3 percent yield. That is the kind of stock I want people to buy."

Buckeye Partners: "I will not sentence anyone to own a master limited partnership or a pipeline company. There is way too much in the house of pain, and I don't want you in it with me. My charitable trust owns one and it has been just nasty."

XPO Logistics: "XPO Logistics at another time in another place was the perfect stock. Now this market does not like companies that use that to buy other companies. They don't like the high-yield market, so XPO is on hold right now even though it seems cheap. Until the market changes changes coloration, stocks like this are not going to get any credit."

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Merck: "We say no to Merck ... I think that the play is Pfizer in big cap biotech. Nice yield and doing a good merger."

Trinity Industries: "It's in a kind of a bear market right now because it's connected with the rails, and the rails as we've seen from CSX aren't doing as well as before. It's part of the vast complex of negativity that engulfs this market."

Devon Energy: "Devon is part of the oil and gas complex, and this group is not going to let up. Oil is not done, as we heard from Rusty Braziel on Friday ... this complex could go still lower. So I don't want to touch Devon until it gets to 5 percent yield because there are a lot of 5 percent yielders that are really down."

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