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We’re ‘calm’ on emerging markets: BBVA

Our numbers are very promising: CEO

The head of Spanish banking giant BBVA said the lender was "calm" about emerging market economies amid a sell-off in assets from some the regions' largest countries.

Speaking at the CNBC/TradeShift technology summit in Davos on Thursday, Francisco González Rodríguez, BBVA's chairman, told CNBC he wasn't worried about the prospects for his bank in the emerging markets.

"We are very happy with our diversification…we have to differentiate between Mexico…which is an emerging market or Columbia, Preu and Chile…therefore not all emerging markets are the same," Rodríguez told CNBC.

"We are very calm and the revenues are coming …no problem at all."

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Chinese stock markets have been highly volatile in recent months and this has spread to other Asian markets. In Latin America, where BBVA plays has seen major currency sell-offs. The Mexican peso stumbled to a record low on Wednesday.

The chairman of the bank also said that the low oil price has been a "big tailwind" for the global economy and expects the Spanish economy to grow 2.7 percent this year.

"The country is doing well," Rodríguez said

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