Lightning Round: Chartists hate it, but it's a buy

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

T-Mobile: "I'm a buyer of T-Mobile. Why? Because I think John Legere [CEO] is super."

Becton Dickinson and Co: "I have always liked Becton Dickinson, but I am going to see you Becton Dickinson and raise you with Baxter."

Illumina: "Illumina is too connected with biotech right now. I am going to tell you buy, buy, buy but slowly as the stock comes down. Plus the chartists hate the stock all of a sudden. Don't be aggressive." "I can't help you there because we are not recommending any stocks from China, including VIPShop, Baidu, Alibaba. No way, no how."

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Novavax: "Yes, I like Novavax. I mean it's down here at $4. It's getting a little crazy, frankly. $4? I mean I know these stocks are all for sale, but let's think a little bit longer term than like tomorrow."

Celgene: "OK here is the problem with Celgene. They were very conservative about Revlamid, the No. 1 drug. I think that it might catch a downgrade or two. I am not backing away. I think that this stock is a go. It could go to the low $90s though, because that group is under such pressure. Nobody wants it."

Opko Health: "This is another one that is speculative. And when you get to speculative, all the air comes out of it. It's Phil Frost [CEO], it's $7. I am a believer, but understand these stocks are all part of that health care complex that everyone suddenly hates so much."

Cambrex: "This is an arms dealer for the life sciences industry, and no one wants anything life sciences here. Let's wait until it comes in, we see we get a bounce, and then maybe we have a bottom. Not yet."

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