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Martin Shkreli slaps down rapper Ghostface Killah in vulgar video

Martin Shkreli goes after rapper Ghostface Killah in vulgar video

Pharma bad boy Martin Shkreli has a posse — and he's going after the Wu-Tang Clan.

In an unusual online video recording obtained by, accused fraudster and rap fan Shkreli, flanked by a trio of masked foul-mouthed goons, threatens the Clan's member Ghostface Killah, who recently called him the "Michael Jackson nose kid."

"You're not a Ghost Killah, I'm sorry," Shkreli sneers while cradling what appears to be a glass of wine.

"You think it's OK to beef with me. But that's' a big mistake ... you're an old man who has lost his relevance," Shkreli said, noting that he was using the rapper's "government name" of Dennis Coles to make his point.

Shkreli then cited the fact that he had, by virtue of forking over $2 million, the one-and-only copy of a Wu-Tang Clan album, entitled "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin."

"If you ever say some dumb s--- again, this album, this 'Shaolin,' I'm going to erase all your s--- from this album, you understand? ... I'm going to erase you from the record book of rap."

"Without me, you're nothing," Shkreli said. "So don't ever mention my name again, or there'll be more of a price to pay than this video."

'Every though I pity you, I have to give you some punishment ... I expect you to write me a written apology, from the heart," Shkreli said. "You think you're the only tough guy from New York City?"

Representatives for Coles were not immediately available to comment.

Martin Shkreli departs U.S. Federal Court after an arraignment and his being charged on a federal indictment filed in Brooklyn on Dec. 17, 2015.
Martin Shkreli wants new lawyers for criminal case

The video is just the latest stunt by the 32-year-old Shrekli, who is currently free on $5 million bond after being arrested on federal charges of securities fraud.

Before and after that arrest in December, Shrekli had lashed out at critics on Twitter, and streamed video of himself online while sitting in his apartment and playing chess and bantering with remote viewers. He previously was accused during a civil lawsuit of harassing a former employee and telling that man's wife "I hope to see you and your four children homeless and will do whatever I can to assure this."

Earlier this month, his defense lawyers revealed Shkreli was seeking new attorneys. He has been subpoenaed to appear next week before a House of Representatives committee investigating drug pricing, but has vowed to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights to avoid testifying.

Shkreli first drew public attention and widespread scorn last summer after he defended his company Turing Pharmaceuticals' decision to hike the price of an anti-parasitic drug used to treat HIV patients, pregnant women and babies by more than 5,500 percent.

In the criminal case, Shkreli is accused of looting his former drug company, Retrophin, to pay back investors in his hedge fund, whom he was suspected of defrauding. Shkreli has denied the charges, which are pending in Brooklyn federal court in New York City.