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Warren Buffett digs deeper into his big oil bet

Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
Lacy O'Toole | CNBC

After taking a break of nearly two weeks, Warren Buffett has resumed and accelerated his Phillips 66 shopping spree.

In a new filing, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway reveals that over three days late last week, the company purchased another 2.5 million shares of the energy giant for almost $200 million.

The new purchases were made around $77, $78, and $79 per share. As there can be a lag of several days between purchases and SEC filings, we may find out soon if Berkshire continued to buy.

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Over 12 months of buying starting in early January, Berkshire has picked up 10.8 million shares for $832 million, at an average price just under $77.

Berkshire's 72.3 million share stake is now worth $5.7 billion. That's about 13.5 percent of the share outstanding, making Buffett by far the largest shareholder. Number two Vanguard owns 31.8 million shares, about 6 percent of the available shares.

In early trading Monday, Phillips was trading around $79, down 1.5 percent on the day.