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Sake-flavored KitKat released in Japan

Sake-flavored KitKat released in Japan

Every second, 650 KitKat fingers are consumed worldwide, according to Nestle.

And beginning Feb. 1, a sake-flavored KitKat will be available in Japan, combining "chocolate with the mellow body and smooth aftertaste of sake," according to The Verge, citing Japanese news site NarNari.

Japan is a veritable "KitKat paradise," with new flavors being released frequently. According to Nestle, KitKats are the top-selling chocolate bar in Japan. Chocolate lovers in Japan can enjoy a multitude of flavors, including strawberry, purple sweet potato, pear, edamame, bean cake, cinnamon cookie, European cheese, matcha-green tea, and exotic sakura. There are even KitKat boutiques in Tokyo and Kyoto devoted exclusively to the chocolate bars.

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In the U.S., consumers are limited to KitKats, KitKat white, and KitKat miniatures, according to The Verge. KitKat is manufactured by Hershey in the United States, but produced worldwide by Nestle.

Hershey and Nestle did not immediately provide comments to CNBC.

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