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The best city at money management is...

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The most financially-savvy people live in Cupertino,Calif., home to Apple's headquarters, according to WalletHub's analysis of 2016's best and worst cities at money management.

The study compared 2,570 cities on eight key metrics to determine consumers' ability to manage their personal finances. The data set included metrics such as credit score, average number of late payments, and mortgage debt-to-income ratio.

According to the study, Cupertino had an average credit score of 746, an average number of late payments of 0.57 and a mortgage debt-to-income ratio of 572 percent.

Meanwhile, Boone, NC, ranked lowest in terms of money management. The average credit score there was 690, the average number of late payments was 1.88 and mortgage debt-to-income ratio was almost 4,000 percent.

The study found that the average credit score in the U.S. is a "fair" 668, one in four adults do not pay their bills on time and three-quarters of college students had no knowledge of late-payment fees on credit cards.

The low scores may reflect the low exposure to personal finance classes, according to WalletHub. Currently, only 17 states require high school students to take a personal finance course and only five require that students take the course to be eligible for graduation.

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