Power Lunch Morning Brief

Tesla dealership
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Tesla dealership

A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-Stock futures are flat. We get weekly jobless claims today just before tomorrow's March jobs report.

-S&P is cutting its ratings on China and Hong Kong to negative.

-Even adjusted for inflation, household spending has gone up 25% over the past 20 years. The biggest culprits are housing and transportation costs. Income has not mirrored that rise.

-Gold is back up this morning and is closing out its best quarter since 1990.


-Oil prices are a bit up. But US supply is at record levels.

-Gasoline prices rose another penny overnight to $2.05/gallon, national avg.


-A new book says Jack Welch could have bought Apple for GE for just $2 billion back in 1996. But he passed.

-This may be the machine created by Cellebrite to crack the iPhone.

-And now the FBI has agreed to help an Arkansas prosecutor unlock an iPhone in a murder case.


-Records show Google has been repeatedly ordered by the government to unlock phones too.

-The new head of Google made $100.5 million last year.


-The Trump campaign is already walking back Trump's statement yesterday saying women who have abortions should get some jail time.

-A Marquette U. poll shows that Trump and Clinton could lose their party primaries in Wisconsin next week.

-Al Jazeera America is reporting that FBI Director James Comey will personally interview Hillary Clinton in her email case. This will reportedly happen in a few days.

-The new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows Trump has a massive 67% unfavorable rating.

-If Trump is the GOP nominee, Democrats believe they can win the White House and Congress.

-A record number of voters are registering Republican in Pennsylvania ahead of that state's April 28th primary.

-Bernie Sanders has been booted off the DC primary ballot.


-There are growing military concerns that North Korea may lash out militarily now that the country is warning its people of a famine on the way.

-The Pentagon worries that foreign nations may give Artificial Intelligence-laden weapon systems the authority to kill.

-The Air Force wants to convert older F-16's and convert them into unmanned drones to fly in support of the new F-35's.


-Chipotle may be looking to also start a burger chain.


-The much-awaited Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled today.

-DC may have to shut down entire lines on its Metro subway system for as long as 6 months.