Apple is making an eco-friendly change

Apple ditching plastic bags

Apple will switch from plastic bags to paper bags beginning Apr. 15, according to a note sent to retail employees and obtained by 9to5Mac.

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, the tech giant will shift from its plastic drawstring bags toward paper bags made of 80 percent recycled materials. The paper bags will come in medium and large sizes, according to the note posted to 9to5Mac.

The note advises Apple employees to ask the customer if they would like a bag before giving them one. If Apple stores still have plastic bags in stock, they will use those before switching to the paper bags.

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Papers bags aren't entirely new for Apple. When the Apple Watch launched, customers received their new gadget in paper bags with colored rope handles. The new paper bag design is unknown, but 9to5Mac predicts it will be something similar to the Apple Watch bags.

Apple has been slowly moving toward more eco-friendly policies. At its press event last month, Lisa Jackson, Apple's VP of environment, policy, and social initiatives, outlined the company's environmental efforts. Jackson stated that all of Apple's packaging will move to paper at some point in the future.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request from CNBC for comment.

Read the full story and note on 9to5Mac here.