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Trump just another chump in Manhattan, despite NY win

Clinton, Trump claim victory in Empire State
Trump, Clinton score big in NY
Voter anger fueling outsiders

Seems like the closer you live to Donald Trump, the less you actually like him.

Trump's yuuuuuuuge win in the New York State primary on Tuesday was marred by the billionaire developer's loss to Ohio Gov. John Kasich in Manhattan — the Big Apple borough that The Donald calls home.

The only county that Trump lost in the entire Empire State was New York County, which encompasses Manhattan.

Trump's flop on Broadway, and elsewhere in Manhattan's environs, is noteworthy for several reasons, including the fact that the Trump name is plastered on buildings around the borough.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lifts his ballot while voting for the New York primary election in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., April 19, 2016.
Andrew Kelly | Reuters

Trump crushed Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in statewide primary results, netting 61 percent of the overall Republican vote, compared to just 25 percent for Kasich and a paltry 14 percent for Cruz.

But in Manhattan, the real estate mogul Trump just couldn't cut the mustard, despite — or perhaps because — he has been an almost daily presence in the city's famed and fierce tabloid newspapers for nearly three decades.

Trump wasn't helped in Manhattan by the fact that two of his children, Eric and Ivanka, actually failed to register as Republicans by last fall's deadline to vote in Tuesday's primary.

Manhattan Republicans gave 45 percent, or 11,251 of their primary votes, to Kasich.

But they gave just 41 percent, or 10,393 of their votes, to the hometown boy Trump.

Cruz, who turned off many Big Apple residents months ago by snidely saying that Trump "embodies New York values," netted just 13 percent of the vote, with 3,243 ballots cast for him.

Trump can take some small — very small — solace in his poor Manhattan showing from the fact that he managed to eke out a victory against Kasich in the election district in the borough that includes Trump Tower, the Fifth Avenue building where Trump has his office.

In Election District 46, the area around the Trump Tower, Trump won 23 votes to 13 for Kasich and just eight for Cruz.

Trump's mediocre Manhattan performance isn't likely to improve in November, if he finds himself the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton as his Democratic opponent.

Clinton, the former New York senator and U.S. secretary of state, handily won Manhattan on Tuesday night in the Democratic primary against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Clinton garnered 66 percent of the votes in Manhattan, compared to just 34 percent for Sanders. Statewide, Clinton handily bested Sanders by 58 percent to 42 percent.

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