The Power Brief

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A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-Stock futures are just a bit higher. There are more key earnings reports today and Econ data from the Philadelphia Fed Survey and the weekly jobless claims numbers.

-Silver is at another new 11-month high and gold is higher too this morning.

-The yield on the 10-year Treasury note is back well above 1.8%.


-Crude oil is flat, but holding at the $44/barrel level after yesterday's gains.

-Gasoline prices fell overnight to $2.10/gallon, national average.

-President Obama met with Saudi King Salman for two and a half hours late yesterday in Riyadh. He will meet with the other major Gulf region leaders today.


-The rhetoric is heating up between the US and Russia, as Russia is now threatening to do "all necessary measures" to respond to US destroyers remaining in the Baltic Sea.

-Russia is also boosting the activity of its attack submarine fleet.

-B-52's have carried out their first bombing raids on ISIS targets. Many are asking whythis wasn't done more than a year ago.

-The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Iran must pay terror victims from terror attacks Tehran planned or funded. Those attacks include the 1983 bombing of US Marine HQ in Beirut. The money will come from $2 billion in frozen Iranian funds.

-Democrats in Congress are opposing a 2.1% GOP-proposed pay raise for the troops. They say that's too much.

-Congress is still considering the so-called "9/11 Bill" that would allow victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia and get access to documents that could link the country's government to the attacks. Saudi Arabia is doing a full court press of lobbying to stop it.


-Donald Trump is going to professionalize his campaign and start using prepared speeches and advisers.

-An internal Trump campaign memo says he will have about 1,400 delegates coming into the convention, more than enough to win the nomination on the first ballot.

-We could learn much more about the fate of the GOP convention after a key rules committee meeting in Florida today.

-Bernie Sanders has out-raised Hillary Clinton for the third month in a row.


-VW will officially announce the settlement today we reported first on Power Lunch yesterday. VW owners will get $5,000 per car to deal with the phony emissions data, etc.

-Mitsubishi's similar fuel efficiency scandal is expected to drive the stock down to record lows.

-Pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3 have now reached 400K.


-Apple will delay its earnings report by one day to honor the memory of former board member and Silicon Valley icon Bill Campbell.His memorial service is Monday, so the earnings report will be Tuesday.