Rare $15M Ferrari given parking ticket during London photo shoot

Looking after a pricey 1970 vintage Ferrari got a little more expensive this week, after the supercar got slapped with a penalty fine during a photo shoot.

Kensington-based classic car dealers Fiskens in London rolled the car out its garage to take some promotional shots but were quickly interrupted by two council traffic wardens.

A council spokesperson told CNBC via email that the parking attendants asked the photographer to move the vehicle and he agreed. However, the authority said that after a "five-minute observation period" the car dealer made no attempt to move the car.

"A ticket was then issued as it would be in any case," according to the spokesperson.


The Ferrari 512M is worth in the region of £10 million ($14.56 million), according to Fiskens, and led many U.K. newspapers to speculate that it was the most expensive auto to have ever received a ticket.

The anonymous owner of the vehicle has already paid the £120 fine, a spokesperson for Fiskens added.