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10 places on retirees' must-see list for travel


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10 top 'bucket list' trips

Bucket-list trips in retirement don't have to be budget busters.

Retirees are the biggest spenders when it comes to leisure travel, with retired boomers spending an average $3,700 per year. For members of the silent generation it's $3,400, according to a new report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

It's not just ticking places off a must-visit list. Many people are also weaving in adventure travel, educational tours and memory-making with their grandkids, said Lorna Sabia, the firm's head of retirement and personal wealth solutions.

Just make sure travel fits in with your other retirement goals, she said. In the report, two-thirds of retirees said they haven't budgeted for travel, yet it's an important consideration, especially if you're hoping to foot the bill for family or take an extended trip.

Retirees have a few financial factors working in their favor beyond senior-specific travel deals. Cheaper fuel prices and a strong dollar have made visiting many hot spots more affordable this year, said Patrick Surry, chief data scientist for

"Date flexibility is key as well," he said, which means retirees can take advantage of more deals.

These 10 destinations — five domestic, five international — topped retirees' must-visit lists.

— By CNBC's Kelli B. Grant
Posted 12 May 2016

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