Cards Against Humanity sells out of Trump survival bags

Cards Against Humanity
Courtesy of Cards Against Humanity

The creators of the irreverent, wildly popular card game Cards Against Humanity just bagged $250,000 in sales in one afternoon.

The company began selling Donald Trump Bug-Out Bags on its website on Wednesday for $25 a pop, and in about an hour all 10,000 bags had sold out, the company told CNBC. The bags were designed to help buyers survive the aftermath of November's presidential election. Trump fans need not apply.

The duffle bag contains more than a dozen items, including important survival tools like flint and steel, food rations, water purification tablets and a gas mask.

The Cards Against Humanity team also included an application for Mexican citizenship, a harmonica and a small golden locket with a photograph of President Barack Obama inside.

Trump's campaign and Cards Against Humanity did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

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How is the company managing to fit so many items into the bag for $25?

"Our original plan to keep the costs down was to have Mexico pay for the bags, but that didn't pan out," Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, told CNBC. "Instead we made a tremendous deal wherein we lost money on each bag we sold."