Cramer Remix: A stock that can handle anything from the Fed

Jim Cramer reminded investors that there are some companies out there with such great earnings growth, that it doesn't matter what the Federal Reserve does — they will thrive in any environment.

One of those companies is Salesforce, which reported strong earnings on Wednesday, with management raising its full year revenue and earnings forecast for the 2017 fiscal year.

CEO Marc Benioff also proved that advocating for social change doesn't necessarily get in the way of business, as Cramer described its earnings as "the best tech quarter of the year."

Benioff has become a leader among CEOs by pushing for social activism on such issues as gay rights and has encouraged other companies' executives to speak out as well.

"CEOs are responsible for all of their stakeholders. And we have to shift from being just shareholder based to stakeholder based. That is really what I am an advocate of," Benioff said. (Tweet This)

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Hands up for a rate hike?
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Hands up for a rate hike?

Every time the market sells off because of the Federal Reserve, Cramer cares more about what happens on day two than day one.

On day one of a Fed sell-off, everything goes down. But if a stock can rally on day two, that means it could have staying power for the long run.

"When we see this kind of day-two action, remember there are two kinds of companies that can rally. The ones like the banks that actually benefit from any rate hikes, and the ones like Apple or Amazon that are able to stay ahead of the anti-growth Fed posse," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer compared the uneven action to a seesaw that throws some stocks off, while allowing others to stay on for the ride. So, just because the Fed minutes said a rate hike in June is likely, that doesn't mean every stock is cursed.

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After spending the last two years in the doghouse, online real estate player Zillow Group has bounced back, up more than 11 percent this year.

More people now type the word "Zillow" into Google than the words "real estate," Zillow's CEO Spencer Rascoff told Cramer on Wednesday.

Zillow's database features over 110 million profiles of U.S. homes, and generates revenues through advertising subscriptions aimed at real estate professionals, mortgage lenders and brand advertisers.

Rascoff attributed the success of his to the wide array of brands it covers, which include Zillow, Trulia, StreetEasy, Hotpads and Dot Loop among others.

"The combination of that audience across all those brands are the reason that we are killing it," Rascoff said.

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Marc Benioff
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Marc Benioff

Another company that reported a strong quarter was Cyberark Software, the Israeli cybersecurity company that helps companies protect administrator and privileged accounts. Those are the accounts that are among the most common targets for hackers on a network.

The cybersecurity space has been in growth mode as a result of businesses spending more money to protect themselves against online threats. However, many of the stocks have been out of favor on Wall Street this year.

Cyberark has been doing incredibly well but hasn't garnered much attention from investors. The company reported 26 cents per share versus the 13 cents expected and higher than expected revenue up 43 percent year over year.

Cyberark also noted that it hasn't seen a slowdown in cybersecurity spending, which is in contrast to competitor commentary.

The company's CEO, Udi Mokady, explained why Cyberark is unique, stating, "We are in a new market; it is a new layer of security. So, what we find is that it is a greenfield opportunity, and we sell to the customer, we find that they did not have the layer on the inside. There is growing awareness now, and it is expanding."

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller-favorite stocks:

Corning: "Don't buy. It just does not have that breakout ability that I want to see in a stock. It just does not."

Chipotle Mexican Grill: "Chipotle is fine. It's not going to ramp until they report good numbers. I think it stays this range. I would not sell the stock. I would be a buyer below $440."

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