Cramer: Buffett's top bank pick can go much higher

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Acadia Pharmaceuticals: "I'm always forever hopeful. Because of what they have, I'm still saying it's a good speculation."

Micron Technology: "Right here, right now — I'm not longer putting the hate on Micron. Enough is enough! Micron is OK."

Gilead Sciences: "They have to do an acquisition. They have to do an acquisition and have to get some growth away from Hep C. Otherwise I can't go buy, buy, buy."

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Compugen: "Genomics, there is only one company for genomics and that is Marc Casper's [CEO] Thermo Fisher with an all-time high today."

SunTrust Banks: "I do prefer Wells Fargo as my charitable owns. SunTrust is going to do great in this environment. But Wells Fargo, the bank of Buffett, I think can go much higher, which is why my charitable trust owns it."

Advanced Micro Devices: "I am no longer negative on AMD because they got a little flash action there. They got a graphic used interface. It's no Nvidia but it's too low. In a tech rally, I even endorse an AMD and a Micron."

Callon Petroleum: "It's got Permian assets, but that means if it's got Permian than I want to be in Pioneer. My favorite is Occidental, my charitable trust owns that because of the dividend."

Berkshire Hathaway, B class on Apple: "You'll never notice the difference. It's just too small to that position. IBM is more important and IBM's going higher now. I think that Berkshire is a buy, buy, buy."

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