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Why we binge: Let's find out


I've covered business news for nearly 25 years, but my dirty little secret is I'm a film and television junkie. That's right, a frustrated entertainment reporter. If I didn't talk stocks for a living, I'd be covering studios and networks for The Hollywood Reporter. If they'd have me.

Luckily, we live in an era where media coverage is everyone's business. Revolutions are ablaze at Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and at every cable network, movie theater chain and virtual-reality start-up. It's the most exciting time in media since the mass adoption of TV.

Binge: More than ever, content is king

That's why, I believe, it's time for CNBC to more closely examine this changing media landscape — and not just through the eyes of the stock market. (We do that better than anyone every day of the week, on live TV and online.) I'm talking about a dissection of this new age as told by creators — the producers, directors and stars under whose feet the earth is shifting. Gather the most powerful, most savvy influencers in media and ask them two questions:

a) What are you watching?
b) How are you making money?

It's the perfect thread for a CNBC audience: A viewer who appreciates a good business model but would really rather hear Brian Grazer dish about how "Empire" wound up on Fox — and not on Netflix or HBO. Sure, Amazon's a great study in "return on invested capital," but isn't the real question how in the world they now employ Woody Allen? Why is Jeff Bezos suddenly showing up (and winning) at the Golden Globes?

We live in a remarkable age, where the "on-demand" economy touches everything — including the delivery of movies, music and film. Who hasn't spent a weekend unable to pull away, as we stay glued to episode after episode of the latest buzzworthy series? There's an army of creators working harder and harder to satisfy that craving for consumers. CNBC is about to unpack some of the drama beneath that massive transition.

Why do we binge? Because we can.

We hope you'll watch "Binge" wherever and whenever you want. You won't have to wait long for season two.

CNBC anchor Carl Quintanilla will be the host of the digital series "Binge," whose all fives episodes will be available at at 5 a.m., ET, on Mon., June 6.

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