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Coffee connoisseurs in California shell out $20 a cup

Blue Bottle coffee
Source: Blue Bottle Coffee

Would you pay $20 for a cup of coffee? Connoisseurs in California will.

In the same way that Burger King touts chicken rings or Oreo introduces another wacky flavor, in San Francisco a "$16 coffee is a food stunt," according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Blue Bottle, a coffee shop in the Golden Gate city, currently offers a specialty Yemeni coffee. The brew will set you back $16 for a pour-over cup and $20 for a siphon pot, the publication reports.

While it may seem like a steep price for a cup of joe, many cafes in the area offer up these high-priced cups for connoisseurs who want a specialty product.

"When you see a $15 cup, this is a coffee that is not about prolific production," Brooke McDonnell, of San Rafael's Equator Coffees & Teas, told the Chronicle.

McDonnell's team invested in 35 acres of Geisha trees in Panama a little over eight years ago and only last year were able to harvest the first 300 pounds of beans.

"Sixteen dollars, that's the cost of an appetizer at a pretty nice restaurant or a medium glass of wine — or one of the best coffees, hopefully, that people will ever taste," James Freeman, owner of Blue Bottle, told the Chronicle.

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