Trader Joe's to pay $2 million to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

A customer shops for yogurt at a Trader Joe's store in Pinecrest, Florida.
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Trader Joe's became the latest grocery chain to pledge that it will reduce ozone-depleting and greenhouse gas emissions coming from its refrigeration equipment.

In a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency, Trader Joe's agreed to spend $2 million over the next three years to reduce coolant leaks from refrigeration equipment at 453 stores, and improve overall compliance.

In addition, the company will also pay a $500,000 civil penalty for alleged violations to the Clean Air Act.

"Trader Joe's looks forward to working with the EPA in its mission to reduce air pollution and protect the ozone layer, and, with this agreement, has committed to reducing its emissions to a rate that matches the best of the industry," Alison Mochizuki, director of public relations for Trader Joe's, told CNBC.

Previously, the government reached settlements with Safeway and Costco Wholesale.

"By reducing the amount of ozone depleting refrigerants and potent greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere, this settlement will assist our efforts to control these two major global environmental problems," said Assistant Attorney General John C. Cruden of the Department of Justice's Environment and Natural Resources Division, in a statement.