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5 quirky drink trends for the summer

Evy Tea from Cold Brewed Tea

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Looking for something cool to quench your thirst this summer? Well, there are plenty of quirky new drinks for you to try.

With consumers swapping diet sodas in favor of non-fizzy beverages such as cold-brewed coffee and coconut water, a few brands are hoping to stand out by offering a new choice — usually one that appears to be a "better-for-you" alternative.

Two-thirds of Americans say they sometimes or frequently purchase new or different beverages, and 18 percent say they drink a wide variety of beverages, according to research from Mintel.

"While the non-alcoholic beverage market is innovating to address consumer interest in healthy options, taste and flavor remain the most influential reasons for consumption," Elizabeth Sisel, a beverage analyst for Mintel, said in a statement in March. "No matter how healthy a drink is, if it doesn't taste good consumers won't buy it, and the amount of available products on the market makes it easy for consumers to simply move to another option."

From cold-brewed teas to sodas made out of drinkable vinegar, here are six beverages to satisfy your summer thirst.

— By CNBC's Sarah Whitten
Posted 01 July 2016

Source: Cold Brew Tea