Gotta eat 'em all: Australian burger joint debuts 'Pokemon' burgers

Australian burger joint debuts Pokemon burgers

Even "Pokemon" trainers have to eat, it seems. Down N' Out, a restaurant in Sydney, Australia, run by a group called Hashtag Burgers, has created three burgers inspired by the Nintendo game.

Starting Tuesday, hungry "Pokemon" fans will be served either a Pikachu, Charmander or Bulbasaur burger when they order a Pokeburger from the restaurant.

"The burgers' flavors have been designed to match each Pokemon's look and personality," Ben Kagan, creative director for Hashtag Burgers, told CNBC. "Charmander is a bit spicy and has orange lava cheese."

The Bulbasaur burger has a similar flavor profile to a McDonald's Big Mac, according to Kagan. It has plenty of green veggies to match the grass-type Pokemon, including lettuce, pickles and a broccoli crown on top of the burger's green custard milk bun.

"Pikachu we wanted to be a bit silly," Kagan said. It's a classic burger with a twist. The restaurant has stuffed it with Tiger Fries, french fries covered in cheese, onions and a Thousand Island-style spread.

Needless to say, people were are pretty excited.

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Kagan is a fan, too.

"If I feel like something fresh, I'd devour a Bulbasaur," he said. "Otherwise Pikachu is my favorite, though it requires a long walk afterwards."

Kagan and his team worked on designing the burgers for five weeks, experimenting with flavors and how best to get the character's eyes on the buns. The burgers will be available for two weeks starting Tuesday and cost about $11.44.

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