Taco Bell to launch Airheads White Mystery Freeze

Taco Bell’s new Airheads White Mystery Freeze.
Source: Taco Bell

Not only can you drink Starbursts at Taco Bell, but now you'll be able to sip on a mystery-flavored Airheads Freeze.

Starting Sept. 19, stunt food enthusiasts will be able to taste and debate the flavor of the sugary white drink, modeled after the tangy, chewy candy flavor that's been in dispute since 1986.

"Airheads White Mystery has been one of the most delicious debates of our generation," a Taco Bell spokesperson told CNBC. "We're excited to fuel the conversation and encourage fans to share their flavor guesses on social media."

It seems some Twitter users have already spotted the drink at local Taco Bell restaurants.

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The Airheads White Mystery Freeze joins several other freeze flavors, including Crush Orange Vanilla Float, Starburst Strawberry and Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Customers can purchase a 16-ounce Freeze for $1.99 and a 20-ounce Freeze for $2.29.