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YouTube user pushes phony iPhone 7 hack, and unwitting users appear to bite

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Mark Neuling | CNBC

A YouTube user by the name of TechRax has uploaded a video purporting to show freshly minted iPhone 7 users how to self-install a headphone jack—with predictably disastrous results.

The 1 minute, 24-second video promises to put viewers "on [their] way to getting a brand new headphone jack" by drilling a hole near the smartphone's Lightning port.

A few weeks ago, Apple surprised tech watchers by nixing the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack altogether, in favor of wireless headphones, or an adapter that plugs into the Lightning port.

The YouTube video, which has amassed more than 8 million hits over the last two weeks, shows a faceless man seamlessly drilling a hole into a black iPhone 7. He then declares that "just like that, you have your own 3.5 mm headphone jack," and plugs in a set of headphones for effect.

Unfortunately, the story ends just as one might expect. The U.K. Sun reports that at least a handful of users took the video's advice, and ended up badly damaging their phones in the process.

In 2014, a similar online 'hack' claimed to show iPhone users a way to juice their batteries by microwaving their smartphones. That too ended in disaster, as a number of believers accidentally nuked their iPhones.

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