Donald Trump tops Twitter, Facebook talk during third debates

Trump on sexual assault allegations: All lies and fiction

Donald Trump dominated Twitter and Facebook chatter during the third presidential debate, according to both networks.

Trump was involved in 59 percent of conversations on Twitter, as well as 56 percent of Facebook chatter, per both companies.

The top tweeted moments of the debate was the fight over sexual assault allegations against Trump, his refusal to say if he would accept election results, and conversations about Russian espionage during this election, with Hillary Clinton calling the Republican presidential candidate a "puppet" of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The most retweeted tweet of the debate was one Trump sent on Jun 18, 2013, where he asked if Putin would be his "new best friend" if he attended the Miss Universe Pageant. He denied during the debate he knew Putin.

Clinton beat Trump on new Twitter followers after the debate. She welcomed 13,200 new followers, while Trump upped his numbers by 6,000.

On Facebook, the leading topic of conversation was around Trump and moderator Chris Wallace disagreeing on the Republican presidential candidate's statements about Aleppo. Wallace said that things Trump said during the second debate about the city were not true, especially that the city had "basically fallen." The Republican presidential candidate retorted by asking the Fox News anchor if he knew what was going on in the city, saying it is a "catastrophe."

Trump asserting Bernie Sanders said Clinton had "bad judgment," was the second most discussed moment on Facebook. "John Podesta said you have terrible instincts. Bernie Sanders said you have bad judgment," Trump said. "I agree with both."

Coming in third and fourth on Facebook respectively were Trump's comments that the FBI and Department of Justice were "disgraceful" on Clinton's email probe and Trump saying he should have won an Emmy.

The top topics during the debate on Facebook were: Iraq, Syria and ISIS, Russia and Ukraine, abortion, immigration and the WikiLeaks release.