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Clinton fans love Terra Chips, Trump's Tostitos

Voters cast their ballots during early voting in Charlotte, North Carolina, October 20, 2016.
Chris Keane | Reuters

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters differ in more ways than who they prefer for president, according to one survey.

For example, when it came to restaurants, Clinton supporters were 57 percent more likely to say their favorite restaurant was Jamba Juice compared to Trump supporters. Meanwhile, Trump supporters were 12 percent more likely to like Chick-fil-A than Clinton fans.

While the information could potentially be used to help candidates with their political marketing — Trump may consider placing ads near Chick-fil-A, for example — Michael Sussman, who leads the brand value team at Y&R, believes it shows how divided our country is, politics aside.

This is according to advertising agency Y&R, which spoke to 16,000 U.S. consumers about 3,200 products and corporate brands as part of its brand database. During this election cycle, it added in images associated with the Clinton and Trump campaigns. It compiled the data over the past four quarters to figure out which brands the candidates' supporters preferred.

"The overarching thing is how much polarity there is between the candidates," said Sussman. "It's almost a depiction of our culture right now."

The chart below shows which companies within the category the candidates' supporters showed the greatest preference for above the norm.

Y&R's research on which brands Clinton or Trump supporters prefer. Credit: Y&R