The McRib is back and you can find it with your phone

McDonald’s McRib Finder
Source: McDonalds

The McRib is back and this year it will be easier to find.

After announcing last week that it plans to launch a mobile order-and-pay service for customers, McDonald's is adding another app to its repertoire: the McRib Finder.

The new iMessage app, available for free, helps hungry patrons find McRib sandwiches. The McRib Finder uses the smartphone's GPS to find the nearest McRib-selling McDonald's and allows users to share the location with friends and send McRib-themed stickers, all within the Messages app.

The McRib — seasoned pork, McRib sauce, dill pickles and onions on a bun — has become a cult favorite menu item and will be available again starting this week.

Fans of the McRib have been known to develop their own locator websites because not only is the sandwich a limited-time offering, it is also limited in its distribution.