Trump says Wall Street Journal doesn't 'understand business'

Donald Trump slams Wall Street Journal

President elect Donald Trump blasted the Wall Street Journal's editorial board for criticizing his import tax plan, which he said will keep jobs in the U.S.

"I read the Wall Street Journal the other day," he said in an interview with Fox News. "Honestly, their editorial board doesn't get it. I don't think they understand business."

Trump explained that his plan to keep American jobs involved reducing taxes and regulations on businesses so they have incentive to stay here. However, if a company wants to bring their manufacturing to another country, he wants them to pay a 35 percent fee to sell their products in the U.S.

"The way you stop it is by imposing a tax," he explained. "Now, I came up with a number of 35 percent. There is no tax if you don't leave."

Trump discussed a number of different issues with Fox News, including dismissing the CIA report that Russia was behind the Democratic National Committee leaked emails. He also talked about why he decided to answer the call from Taiwan despite the U.S. observing a "one China policy," as well as how he didn't perceive holding stakes in "The New Celebrity Apprentice" and his real estate dealings as conflicts of interest.