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Twitter enables livestreaming directly from its app

Damien Meyer | AFP | Getty Images

Twitter now lets its users stream live video directly from its main app, sans Periscope.

The platform said Wednesday that users can create and tweet live video directly from the Twitter app, using technology from Periscope. Anyone on the Twitter and Periscope apps can comment and send hearts, a way to show the broadcaster you like the video. Previously, users had to use the Periscope app if they wanted to go live.

Some agencies have complained that Twitter has too many products and is trying too many things, so this could be seen as a paring down of the company's services. Twitter shut down its video looping service Vine in October. It doesn't seem like Twitter will be shutting down Periscope, however. Users can still watch live content on Periscope, and use it to discover trends and accounts to follow.