Nominate your company for CNBC's Upstart 25

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CNBC is now accepting nominations in the search for a new class of start-ups — those breaking industry barriers, creating new norms, scaling quickly and on path to become the next household name. We are on the lookout for companies that have the potential to revolutionize, and transform.

A first of its kind for CNBC, we hope to highlight the up-and-comers before they make it big, giving our audience an inside look into their high-octane world. We'll follow these start-ups from their early days to showcase their quest to turn inspiration into a lucrative industry niche.


Technology-driven start-ups that are experiencing rapid growth due to their original and innovative product, app, tool or service. Companies will be scored across a broad range of criteria, including originality, scalability, growth via partnerships, revenue, head count and more. Each company must be privately held, pre-Series B in their funding or have raised less than $50 million.

For updates and to find out who makes the CNBC Upstart 25, go to @cnbctech or

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