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Cramer Remix: Drug stocks under the microscope next week

Cramer Remix: Drug stocks under the microscope next week

Jim Cramer says drug and bank stocks will be on the red-hot griddle next week.

"I expect the drug stocks will be a mixed bag, but the banks should be in hog heaven," the "Mad Money" host said.

Before diving into bank earnings on Friday, Cramer will have his eye on the drug stocks, kicking the week off with the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference. Usually conferences aren't powerful enough to move the tape, but the JPMorgan conference is the biggest and most important of its kind and could provide powerful insight to the drug stocks.

Cramer will be focused specifically on the drug stocks that can break news.

After shares of Constellation Brands plunged 7 percent on Thursday, Jim Cramer did his homework to see if it was time to reshuffle his beer stocks.

Constellation Brands is the world's leading purveyor of premium wines and alcohol, and also imports popular Mexican beer brands like Corona, Modelo and Pacifico into the U.S.

Cramer attributed the shares falling to beer sales that weren't strong enough for the bulls, but mainly, due to concerns over President-elect Donald Trump's agenda.

"Investors are worried that the company could get hurt if the Trump administration imposes some kind of cross-border tariff on Mexican imports," Cramer said.

After speaking with Constellation's CEO Rob Sands on Thursday, Cramer came to the conclusion that fears of Trump's agenda are overblown. It's not like Ford or General Motors moving an auto plant from Michigan to Mexico. If they made a Mexican beer in the U.S., it wouldn't really be a Mexican beer.

Airline stocks suddenly seemed to be flying high recently thanks to the pro-business agenda expected of Trump and Warren Buffett's blessing. However, with 2017 in full swing, that sentiment on the group seems to have cooled rapidly.

In the past two days, there were two bearish calls on airlines from Cowen and Morgan Stanley.

"If you have been riding these stocks up, I don't blame anybody who wants to take their cue from this negative research and ring the register up here," Cramer said.

Now that the airlines have had a huge run, he expects the stocks to become less attractive if they head higher.

People look at AGCO equipment as they attend National Farm Machinery show in Louisville, Kentucky, February 12, 2016.
Meredith Davis | Reuters

The radical rally in the stock market ever since Election Day is powered by stocks like Agco Corporation, Cramer says.

Unless you watch "Mad Money" on a consistent basis or own a farm, you may not even know Agco. It is an agriculture company that is a mixture of brands like Fendt, Massey-Ferguson and GSI.

CEO Martin Richenhagen has been steering his company quietly to accumulate castoff businesses and spend money to revitalize them. Agco has also been quietly buying back its stock on a bet that the cycle of agriculture was ready to turn.

"Martin's stock is going to go higher because he freakin' bought the heck out of it when it was much lower, and now there is no supply," Cramer said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer provided his opinion on various stocks from callers:

Western Digital: "Western Digital is at $70 and I think it goes to $85. When we had management on they made me feel even better about the stock than had going in because I like flash memory. I like the Sandisk acquisition, I like them."

Ferrellgas Partners: "There are forces going on in the propane business right now that trade day-to-day ... It is too hard. I would not sell it down here, but you have to understand that the cross-currents in that business are insane."