Trump's 'wall of shame' style of bullying is a success for US hiring, Cramer says

Like it or not, Jim Cramer says President-elect Donald Trump is succeeding in his mission to protect and create American jobs.

"The guy hasn't even been sworn in yet. That has to make you feel better about this market," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer also expects the pace of job creation to accelerate, perhaps dramatically, under the Trump administration. Trump's core agenda is one of lowering corporate taxes, deregulation, and creating tax holiday for the repatriation of overseas capital. He is also committed to a large infrastructure program.

With bank earnings expected on Friday, Cramer expects to hear that less regulation could translate into more people obtaining loans, which will help housing and job creation pick up. He even thinks it could be possible that companies will use the corporate tax cut to reward shareholders with buybacks and dividends.

But Wall Street is still missing the point.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
"This supermarket factor is off the charts. It is working to keep executives who might naturally be thinking of moving jobs offshore to keep them here." -Jim Cramer

"What matters is when it comes to strong-arming executives into keeping jobs in this country, Trump's got the supermarket going for him," Cramer said.

This term refers to a lesson Cramer learned from the "Mad Money" wall of shame. When Cramer speaks with executives who have been on the wall of shame for destroying value at companies, he often hears within the plea from the executive that they want to be taken down because they don't want their spouse stared at in the supermarket.

The executives are embarrassed and then want to explain what they have done right or what they have fixed to get themselves removed from the wall of shame.

Granted, Cramer's bully pulpit is a fraction of the size of Trump's methods in tweets and press conferences. But if CEOs get uncomfortable about being on the "Mad Money" wall of shame, just imagine the embarrassment factor when the President of the United States singles them out on Twitter.

"This supermarket factor is off the charts. It is working to keep executives who might naturally be thinking of moving jobs offshore to keep them here," Cramer said.

Before Trump won the election, CEOs used to say that sending jobs overseas would boost gross margins all the time. They have become more sheepish about it now.

What matters for the stock market, Cramer said, is that the tone of the U.S. is changing, and it is now doing something.

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