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Cramer Remix: Two companies spending to dominate the world

Cramer Remix: Two companies spending to dominate the world

Regardless of what President Donald Trump does next, Jim Cramer says earnings are still running the show on Wall Street.

"The best chances to make money come when the initial negativity brings stocks down and then upon closer inspection people realize that those stocks shouldn't be down at all. Look for those situations," the "Mad Money" host said.

With Facebook's stock also on a run recently, Cramer is nervous because Alphabet reported a strong quarter, but got hit anyways. He expects Facebook to say it needs to spend a lot of money on video, which could hurt the stock.

"Think bigger on both Facebook and Alphabet because these companies are doing everything they can to dominate the world, so you can't worry about a given quarter's spending as long as it has a clear path for a payoff," Cramer said.

In just three short years, Carnival CEO Arnold Donald has transformed the company's image from a struggling cruise line operator into a personalized experience, especially for millennials.

This year's Cruise Travel Report revealed that a growing number of millennials and Generation Y travelers are embracing cruises as a method of travel. Cruise travel has now become the most popular travel preference for younger generations.

Millennials are also known for taking selfies, and Donald was ready to take advantage of that.

"How we capitalize on it is our product is just engineered for it," Donald said.

Marriott Vacations Worldwide, a company that specializes in time shares, has also made a comeback. The stock has come roaring back after a multi-month downturn. From its highs in July 2015 to its lows in February 2016, the stock was cut in half.

Since that time, the stock has soared 86 percent from February of last year. And if the economy gets a boost this year, it could be even more attractive. Cramer found the company to be too well run and the business model to be too attractive for the stock to be ignored.

"I recommend buying part of your position before the company reports next month, and then using any post-earnings weakness to buy some more," Cramer said.

Arnold W. Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation featured on Mad Money with Jim Cramer on January 27, 2017.
Ashlee Espinal | CNBC

United Rentals' stock roared more than 11 percent on Thursday after reporting a very strong quarter. This was just one more upward move, as the stock has now more than tripled in the past 11 months.

Cramer dug in to find out how it accomplished this big move, and if investors just getting in now have already missed it.

Ultimately Cramer found that the stock is just in the early innings of its comeback, and said it is not too late to buy what he regards as a surprisingly inexpensive stock.

"I know we are not early, but I know that this stock will be bought on any dip and you want to be in there buying, too," Cramer said.

In a raging debate from his fans on Twitter, many people have asked Jim Cramer if he is for or against President Donald Trump.

The truth is that he is neither. Cramer cares about the stock market, not politics.

"My agenda? It has always been the same: higher stock prices. That is my true north; because most of you home gamers own stocks and I want you to make money. It's that simple," Cramer said.

That's why when Cramer sees Trump's agenda of deregulation, lower corporate taxes and repatriation of foreign assets, he likes it. He thinks it could lead to higher stock prices.

Ultimately, the issue of building a wall has raised political risk, Cramer said. It has introduced real uncertainty in to stocks, and Trump's agenda has become shaky. It must go away, but Cramer isn't sure how it will, given that Trump campaigned on it and he isn't likely to give up his campaign promises.

"It makes more concerned and it should concern you, too, if it isn't resolved in a civil and lasting fashion," Cramer said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few stocks from callers:

Allergan: "Allergan is the only stock that the club owns. The reason is is because I think that Brent Saunders [CEO] is going to turn it around and it's a very low multiple. I say you can own AGN, but it's the only one."

Asbury Automotive Group: "I think the stock can rebound. Maybe it rebounds when AutoNation reports, gives you a better number. I have to tell you in the auto parts business I like AAP. I know that it's not a car retailer but Advanced Auto Parts I think is a terrific situation."