This is the email Uber is sending to people who cancel their accounts

Uber sends email to people who deleted their accounts
Uber sends email to people who deleted their accounts

Uber is sending an email to people who canceled their accounts over the weekend reminding them that the company thinks President Donald Trump's immigration ban is "unjust, wrong, and against everything we stand for as a company."

The email suggests that the #DeleteUber movement, which arose on Twitter over the weekend and encouraged people to delete the Uber account from their phones, is having an effect.

Earlier today, a user tweeted a pictures of two emails that users received from Uber after deleting their account. Uber is sending the email on the right today to users who are canceling their accounts, CNBC has confirmed.

The email reminds those former users that Uber "shares your views on the unjust immigration ban," and guides them to CEO Travis Kalanick's statement on the issue. In that statement, Kalanick explains how Uber is planning to compensate drivers who are temporarily stuck outside the country because of the order.

The #DeleteUber movement started after the New York Taxi Workers Alliance called for a temporary halt to rides heading to John F. Kennedy airport as a gesture of solidarity with visitors who were held there after Trump's sudden order to restrict entry from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Uber continued to send drivers to JFK and announced it would not charge surge pricing:

No surge from Uber.

Critics are also noting Kalanick's role on Trump's Economic Advisory Board, which was also the subject of a .

Meanwhile, competitor Lyft donated $1 million to the ACLU, garnering support among the protesters, although Lyft has its own ties to the Trump administration through investor Carl Icahn.

Uber would not comment on the number of people who have canceled their accounts, but it's clearly a lot higher than normal and the company seems to be more than a little concerned about it.

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