One of Amazon's delivery drones showed up in a Super Bowl ad

Source: Amazon

One of Amazon's Prime Air delivery drones made an unexpected stop during last night's Super Bowl LI ads.

During the blink-and-you'll-miss-it-moment in one of Amazon's TV ads, a woman orders Doritos via Prime Air using Amazon's Echo device. Echo's personal assistant Alexa cheekily responds "Okay, look for delivery soon," before a Prime Air drone is shown in the window. The ad also included a disclaimer saying, "Prime Air is not available in some states (or any really). Yet."

Amazon announced it was developing drove delivery services in July 2016. It completed its first test in December 2016. The company also patented a flying warehouse to launch drone delivery services that same month. No date has been set for Prime Air's launch.

See the 10-second TV ad below: