This is what people eat while watching the Oscars

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Planning on ordering in and watching the Academy Awards this Sunday? It's likely you'll be craving something spicy or a little bit fancier than your normal fare.

Data from Grubhub determined that people gravitate toward spicy foods like spicy tuna tempura rolls, spicy beef salad, and spicy drunken noodles when they settle in to watch the Oscars. Four out of the top 10 most ordered dishes on Oscar Sunday last year were packed with heat.

Topping the list was Vietnamese pho, with orders spiking 192 percent on the night of the award show compared to other Sunday nights in 2016. Here's how the other dishes stacked up:

Spicy foods aren't the only popular dishes. Grubhub noted a spike in orders of fancier foods like veal, prime rib and calamari.

Orders of veal were up 18 percent compared to other Sundays last year, prime rib spiked 17 percent and crab cakes were ordered 10 percent more.

Grubhub also determined that certain cities are more likely to order fancier food. Folks in Philadelphia ordered 30 percent more of these dishes on Oscar Sunday than other Sunday nights during the year.

San Francisco saw fancy food orders jump 21 percent and Denver ordered these foods rise 19 percent more on the night of the Academy Awards.