Starbucks' new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino looks decadent but you'll have to travel to Japan to get one

Starbucks' American Cherry Pie Frappuccino
Source: Starbucks

You can have your pie and drink it too with Starbucks' new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino.

The beverage is a blended vanilla-flavored creme drink with pie crumbles and cherry compote topped with whipped cream. The kicker is a dome-shaped pie crust lid that customers can stick their straw through.

The catch? It's only available in Japan.

Starbucks Japan is no stranger to creative beverages. In the past, these stores have sold Cantaloupe Melon and Cream Frappuccinos, Chocolate Brownie Matcha Green Tea and Tiramisu and Baked Apple blended beverages.

Those who can get their hands on the Cherry Pie Frappuccino will only have a short time to do so. The drink is available between April 13 and May 16.