Microsoft's newest version of Windows is now available

Microsoft's new version of Windows is open to the public

Microsoft officially released its newest version of Windows on Thursday.

The Windows 10 Creator's Update, announced earlier in the year, enables new functionality across many core features of Windows 10. We walked through a tour of some of those features in a first-look article that was published last week.

Consumers who own Microsoft's Surface computers are going to benefit most from the update, since it adds powerful new functionality that's easier to use with a touchscreen and a stylus.

Take, for example, a new Paint 3D application that lets you draw 2-D shapes and turn them into 3-D objects within seconds. There are new tools for developers to take advantage of other Microsoft hardware, too, like the company's Surface Dial.

There's a little something for everyone in the update, though.

The Microsoft Edge browser now supports the ability to bundle multiple tabs together and save them for later. If you're shopping for a new car, for example, and have multiple tabs open while viewing different models and prices, you can save that group of tabs and open them later.

Gamers will find exciting new features, too. Microsoft is using its acquisition of Beam to allow gamers to quickly broadcast their matches. It's the company's take on Amazon's Twitch and YouTube gaming. Microsoft is also offering a new optimization feature that puts all available resources into running a game to boost performance as much as possible.

The Windows 10 Creator's Update will begin rolling out to computers on April 11. If you're antsy to try the new features, however, you can download it now by using the Microsoft Update Assistant Tool.