Ford is testing a crib that mimics car ride motions to help babies get to sleep

Ford released a concept crib that simulates driving so infants can fall asleep.
Source: Ford

Most babies -- and many adults as well -- fall asleep most easily when they are a passenger in a car.

To replicate that soft engine hum and gentle rocking motion, Ford Spain created the "MAX Motor Dreams." The prototype crib, which was made in conjunction with creative agency Espadaysantacruz Studio, duplicates a car's movements, letting parents rest instead of driving their child around for hours trying to get them to sleep.

Caregivers drive around and record their car's motions. Then, the information is uploaded to the crib via an app, which has the ability to play low engine sounds and soothing transit motions. The crib also has LEDs to mimic street lights.

An app can track your drives and simulate this for your crib.
Source: Ford

No word if there is a New York edition, complete with harsh honking horns and angry pedestrians screaming at taxi cabs.