Four excellent tablets for people who don't want an iPad

Four iPad alternatives you need to know about
Four iPad alternatives you need to know about

The iPad is one of the best tablets on the market, but it isn't for everyone.

When we reviewed Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 recently, we dubbed it the best alternative to Apple's 9.7-inch iPad Pro. There are other devices out there, so we went in search of four tablets that might serve as great options for folks who, for one reason or another, don't want an iPad.

And to help spice things up a bit, we made sure that none of these tablets run the same operating system. You'll find a range of prices, too.

If you're in the market for a new tablet, consider one of these four iPad alternatives below. None of them stink.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Devin Hance | CNBC

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is easily one of my favorite computers of the year. This list wouldn't be accurate without some form of Windows 10 tablet on it, and I think the Surface Pro 4 is the best balance between price, design and features out of the bunch on the market.

You'll love that you can use it like a tablet for reading or watching movies, or for doing a full day's work with a keyboard. It runs a full version of Windows which, I'd argue, makes it even more powerful than an iPad.

One thing you need to know: Microsoft is probably going to refresh this really soon, so it may be worth holding off a couple of months for the new one. Worst case scenario: the price on this one drops and you get a deal.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

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I recently reviewed the Galaxy Tab S3 and dubbed it the best iPad Pro competitor on the market. It offers a colorful and bright 9.7-inch display with support for pen input, stereo speakers, fast performance, great battery life, support for running two apps side-by-side and more.

It's basically the iPad Pro 9.7 running Android. At $599 it's one of the more expensive tablets on this list, but it's also one of my favorites.

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This tablet could be better than Apple’s iPad
This tablet could be better than Apple’s iPad

Samsung Chromebook Plus

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The Samsung Chromebook Plus is probably the best Chromebook you can buy right now but, since the keyboard also flips 360-degrees, you can also use it as a tablet.

I love the simplicity of Chrome OS, support for Android apps, the included stylus for drawing on the display and more. Plus, it's made out of metal and features a super sharp display, making this one of the rare really premium Chromebooks out there.

The asking price is $449, putting it right in the middle of some of the tablets on this list, but you can find it on sale from some retailers for as little as $419.

Amazon Fire HD 10

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The Amazon Fire HD 10 is your best portal into Amazon's ecosystem, which is chock full of Android apps, books, movies, TV shows, music and more. It offers a large 10.1-inch display, though it's not as sharp as the other tablets in this roundup.

You'll find a 16GB of storage in the entry-level model, which isn't very much (you can always expand that) and support for Amazon's smart assistant Alexa built right in. This is the most affordable tablet in the bunch, making it perfect for folks looking to spend less than an iPad or for kids who might not need all that additional power.

Plus, the $229 starting price is hard to ignore.