Trump calls United incident 'horrible'

Trump: Airlines shouldn't be prevented from overselling

President Donald Trump called the forced removal of a passenger from a United Airlines flight "horrible," according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Trump said there shouldn't be a cap on the amount of incentives airlines offer to persuade passengers to volunteer their seats on overbooked flights.

"You know, there's a point at which I'm getting off the plane — seriously," Trump said according to the Journal.

"They should have gone up higher. But to just randomly say, 'You're getting off the plane,' that was terrible," he added.

Trump's remarks on the incident come after United CEO Oscar Munoz vowed earlier Wednesday that the situation would "never happen again."

Meanwhile, the passenger in question, Dr. David Dao, began legal proceedings over the incident, while the Chicago Department of Aviation said it placed two more of its officers on leave.

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