Here's 'Pipey,' a Chrome add-on from HBO's 'Silicon Valley' that cracks jokes while you browse

Actor Thomas Middleditch arrives at the premiere of HBO's "Silicon Valley," at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, April 3, 2014.
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If you need an online guide to help make the worst possible decisions online, HBO and creative technology company +rehabstudio have come to the rescue.

Meet Pipey, a Google Chrome extension that gives you unhelpful advice as you surf the web. The pop up guide shows up on websites and offers ironic commentary.

For example, while visiting LinkedIn, Pipey said: " – Oh cool, LinkedIn! Would you be willing to endorse me for something? Anything? I'm desperate."

A visit to Facebook prompted: "Great post! How long before one of your weird aunts comments on it?"

If you're on Twitter, Pipey may suggest: "Let's find a Twitter bot and get in a fight!"

Pipey is a marketing campaign for the latest season of HBO's "Silicon Valley." For those who don't watch the show or need to jog their memory, in the show Pipey was created by the Pied Piper marketing team to walk people through the file compressing program, since people had a hard time understanding how to use it. However, the creators were disgusted by the idea, which is similar to the much-maligned Microsoft Office tutorial guide Clippy.

Fortunately, the real-life version doesn't play that annoying flute melody before it makes its announcements.