Companies are marking the 420 'holiday' with marijuana-themed ads

For marijuana enthusiasts, April 20 — 4/20 — has become something of an annual holiday.

And as more states legalize weed, more companies are open to associating their products with cannabis — especially with the industry projected to be worth $50 billion by 2026, according to a report by Cowen and Co.

Here's a few that are embracing stoner-themed advertising.


Spotify curated a playlist made up of the most streamed songs "420"-themed playlists. In case you were wondering, its users have created more than 40,000 marijuana-inspired lists.



The General Mills-owned brand launched a huge campaign for its pizza rolls on the stoner holiday, including billboards saying "It's high time for some pizza rolls #betterwhenbaked" in Colorado, as well as online video ads featuring a "420 angel."


Ben & Jerry's

The Vermont-based ice cream maker launched its Chillaco on 4/20, leading to several tweets and videos with sly references to marijuana terms.



T-Mobile took a jab at Verizon for releasing their earnings results on 420. CEO John Legere tweeted the popular "Birthday Dog" meme, featuring a poodle that looks like he took one too many tokes, and his competitor "VerHIGHzon." T-Mobile is releasing more VerHIGHzon memes throughout the day, and even posted about it on the company blog.


Drug Policy Alliance

This PSA isn't an ad, but it gets an honorable mention because it's inspired by an iconic commercial. Actress Rachael Leigh Cook likens an white egg to the "millions of Americans who use drugs and won't get arrested," while comparing a brown egg to an individual who is "several more times more likely to be charged with a drug crime."

If it looks familiar, it's because it echoes the original 1997 anti-drug PSA Cook starred in where she likened a brain on drugs to an egg being smashed. Any questions?