Microsoft will now make major changes to Windows twice a year

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft
Stephen Lam | Getty Images

Microsoft said on Thursday that it will update Windows with big feature releases twice a year, each September and March.

The company just released its most recent version of Windows, the Windows 10 Creator's Update, and said the next feature update is currently targeted for release in September. The company will update its Office 365 ProPlus suite each time it updates Windows, too.

Microsoft hopes that this new change of pace will help its enterprise customers adopt Windows 10 and plan for the updates six months in advance. It says it will support each version of Windows for 18 months.

The next version of Windows is currently codenamed "Project Neon" and is supposed to bring more sweeping changes to the user interface of the operating system — which means it will look very different from the current release.

It could be one of the more feature-rich updates, at least more so than the Windows 10 Creator's release, since Microsoft is also pushing forward with new augmented-reality initiatives that are expected to work in tandem with Windows 10.