This company is turning old tech patent filings into framed art

Source: Retro Patents

If genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration, maybe these framed tech patents can be the spark you need to come up with the next big thing.

Retro Patents turns the patents for some of the most popular tech gadgets and start-ups into stylized prints for your home. The company was started by Aidan Sliney and Craig Wilson, who have some experience in the start-up space themselves. Before Retro Patents, they founded Soundwave, a company that tracked which songs people are listening to on their smartphones and where they are located at the time. It was acquired by Spotify in January 2016.

The patent art pictures are from the actual original filing, with a few design modifications to add the patent number, product name, creator and date filed. Selections include the Apple Mac computer, Snap Spectacles, the Sony Walkman, Gmail, and more.

"During our days in Soundwave we were always looking for ways to improve our culture and inspire," Sliney told CNBC via email. "When kitting out of office we covered the walls with inspiration posters of quotes but we always thought there was room for improvement."

The prints are not terribly expensive, though. Each costs around $30.