Shark Tank

How One High Schooler Got the Attention of a Hotel Chain CEO


Benjamin Stern isn't interested in holding "normal 16-year-old jobs." Whereas other high schoolers are busy babysitting or lifeguarding, Stern is busy inventing as an entrepreneur.

Watch in this clip as Stern, with an assist from his supportive 80-year-old "Bubbie," wows the Sharks with his pitch for NoHBO, an eco-friendly shampoo that ditches the traditional bottle for a candy wrapper-like alternative. Summoning a level of confidence that would make Mr. Wonderful proud, Stern shares the tenacious tale of how he pitched NoHBO to large companies like Clorox and the CEO of Hyatt Hotel. And when asked by the Sharks just how he managed to find the contact info for such a high level executive, Stern responds in classic millennial-style: He found his email online!