Meet Phoebe Robinson, the podcast queen who just scored her first Twitter show

Key Points
  • Phoebe Robinson will host Twitter's #WhatsHappening, a 20 minute live pop culture show on that will air Monday through Friday
  • Robinson gained fame as the host of the podcast "2 Dope Queens" with "The Daily Show's" Jessica Williams

Phoebe Robinson started out podcasting out of her one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. Soon she's hoping she'll be a household name with a live streaming show on Twitter.

Robinson was announced as the host of Twitter's #WhatsHappening, a 20 minute live pop culture show that will air Monday through Friday. It will leverage Twitter data around sports, entertainment and music.

"Let's say if LeBron James tweets something it takes a couple hours [for it to go viral]," Robinson explained to CNBC at Twitter's Digital Content NewFront presentation in New York on Monday, an annual presentation for advertisers. "We're going to know immediately and can pounce on that and relay that information to you and show you how it's going to go worldwide."

The series is produced by Ben Silverman's Propagate production company. Silverman formerly served as the co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios.

Robinson first got noticed from her podcast "2 Dope Queens" with "The Daily Show's" Jessica Williams, a humorous WNYC series that takes a closer look on stereotypical issues around race, gender and other social norms. The series debuted number one internationally on iTunes. She also hosts her own series "Sooo Many White Guys," which features guests who aren't white or male in an effort to balance mainstream media.

"I feel like I learned how to interview people as well as the comedy elements [through 'Sooo Many White Guys']," she said.

Robinson, who was also a writer on MTV's "Girl Code" and consultant on Comedy Central's "Broad City," said she gets her material from dating or being New York, as well as reacting to feminism and dealing with other every day issues.

"My pet peeve is when Uber drivers or Lyft drivers make you sit next to them in the driver's seat," Robinson said. "That's my alone time!"

Note: CNBC's parent company is NBCUniversal.