You can now make calls between Amazon Alexa devices

Key Points
  • Alexa voice calling and messaging is rolling out today.
  • It lets you place free calls, or send messages, between Amazon Echo units.
  • It also supports any Alexa-enabled device, including smartphones with Alexa built in.
Amazon rolls out free calls and messages on all Echo devices

You can now place and receive calls and messages from one Amazon Alexa-enabled device to another.

announced Alexa calling and messaging on Tuesday, which allows you to place a call from any Alexa-enabled device — including smartphones, and Amazon Echo units — to any other. You might, for example, call the Echo Dot in your parents' house, or the Alexa app on your wife's iPhone.

When a call is received, the ring around the top of your Echo (or in your Amazon Alexa app) will turn green, after which you can simply answer or deny the phone call. Another feature, which will only be available on the Echo Show, will allow folks to "Drop In," or suddenly appear on your Echo Show device.

Amazon says this is "for special cases with your closest family and friends — for example, when you want to drop in to check on an elderly relative, let the family know it's time for dinner, or check on the baby in the nursery." Users can choose who is allowed to "drop in" or not.

Amazon said Alexa calling is rolling out today to existing Echo and Echo Dot devices.